1. New Uses of Laser and EBD
2. Trends in Threads and Liquid Implants
3. Hot Topics in Antiaging Medicine
4. Specialized Techniques in Face Rejuvenation
5. Combined Approach for Facial Rejuvenation
6. In Synergy: How Products work in Combination with Treatments to Enhance results
7. Supporting Healing: How Can Clients Can Best Recover from Non-Invasive Procedures
8. New Horizon in Acne care
9. Botulinum Toxin Treatment, New Paradigm and Advanced Application
10. Skin Rejuvenation: The Art, Science and The Procedure
11. The Scar Expert Forum
12. Skin Care: Trend and News
13. Management of Hair Loss.
14. Focus Session on Pigmentation
15. Regenerative Aesthetics
16. Anti-aging Medicine and Current Aesthetic Applications
17. How to Tackle and Manage Complications
18. Novel Therapies for Common Skin Problems
19. Advancements in Hair and Scalp Aesthetics
20. Improving Skin Quality
21. Skin Solutions. When Science Meets Skin Care.


1. Aesthetic Gynaecology
2. Mission Possible. How to Beautified the Midface
3. Special Approach in Cosmetic Dermatology
4. The Art of Combining Minimal Invasive and Non-invasive Techniques in Aesthetic Medicine
5. Aesthetic Rejuvenation Challenges
6. Chemical Peels: A Must Have Armamentarium
7. The Invisible Facelift
8. The V-shape Concept of Beauty
9. Fight Against Pigmentation
10. Scar Wars.
11. Body Counturing and Tightening Update
12. Through the Darkness. Combination Treatment for Melasma
13. Beauty and the Best. Debates on HA and non-HA Fillers, Growth Factors and Exosomes
14. The X Factor. The Latest Device for Skin Treatment
15. An Evolution in Laser Skin Care
16. Fat Busters- Lipolysis for Face and Body


Cosmetic A

  1. Chemical Peeling – Skin Booster
  2. Advance Chemical Peel
  3. Reshaping & Volumizing the Mid Face
  4. Injeksi Botulinum Toxin
  5. Fat Apoptosis and Skin Firming

Cosmetic B

  1. PRP & PRF for Skin and Hair
  2. Threadlift with Cogs
  3. Threadlift with Double Needle
  4. Combination of Filler and Skin Firming


  1. Laser for Pigmentation
  2. Laser for Vascular
  3. Fractional CO2
  4. EBD for Tightening
  5. Laser & EBD for Body Contouring
  6. Laser for Skin Rejuvenation
  7. Laser for Hair Removal


  1. Ingrown Toenail
  2. Acne Scar Revision
  3. Basic Dermoscopy
  4. Sclerotherapy
  5. Bromhidrosis with Tumescent Mixture